Advanced Data Analytics
The Census Bureau provides information on vacancy rates for both rentals and owner-occupied housing.  Vacancy rates are available for the U.S., by state, and for the 75 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).  Data for all geographic areas are provided quarterly and annually.

In addition to rental properties, detailed home ownership data is also available.  That includes ownership vacancy rates organizable by householder age, family status, race/ethnicity, and income.  Total housing inventory is also available from the Census Bureau, which compares the ratio of renter occupied versus owner occupied units.

Housing vacancy data is often used by the public and private sector to analyze and evaluate the state of existing housing supply.  It is also use by communities and developers to determine the need for new housing.  The "vacancy rate" is considered a leading economic indicator, which is used by government organizations and economic forecasters as a measure of economic conditions.

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